Bright lights, clubs and bars stand alongside posh high rises, foreign embassies and art museums in Roppongi, Tokyo’s most popular hangout for clubbers and pub hoppers.

Popular night scene

Roppongi is Tokyo’s nightlife destination and is largely frequented by Japan’s diverse expatriate community. It’s also a place for the locals to let down their hair. Visitors can choose from all-night bars, haute cuisine, cafes, fast-food chains, pizzerias, sushi bars and a lot more!

Art and views

Like most places in Japan, there’s more to Roppongi than just the night scene. It’s a place to get a taste of Japanese culture at the Mori Art Museum, Suntory Museum of Art and the National Art Centre which is the country’s largest museum of art. Visitors will also enjoy the sauntering through the high-rises here – atop Mori Tower, is the Tokyo City View which offers a stunning 360° view of Tokyo.

While Roppongi has received its share of negative press, it continues to thrive as a destination of choice for a fun evening. Just stay away from the seedy areas.

Handy tips

  • Tickets to the observation deck, the Tokyo City View, also includes tickets to the Mori Art Museum.