Roma Sparita

The famous cacio e pepe pasta at this mid-range Trastevere restaurant is one of the best plates in all Rome.

Calming atmosphere

Tucked into a quiet corner of Trastevere, this is the ideal spot to enjoy a long meal. Italy has a strong food culture friendly to solo dining, so don’t let a lack of companions keep you away from this pastel, country-style dining room. Treat yourself to a relaxing night out. In the summer, try to snag a table on the outdoor patio.

Local-style dining

Trastevere is filled with tourist traps, but Roma Sparita still proudly waves the flag of quality, mid-range dining. The restaurant has been family managed for ten years, and its name, which literally translates to “disappeared,” hearkens back to the days when Trastevere was an off-the-beaten-path haven of good Italian cuisine.

Purely Roman

The menu is true to the Lazio region. The house particularly specializes in that quintessential Italian pasta dish, cacio e pepe, or spaghetti with pecorino cheese and black pepper. Dig into this plate of silky noodles until you reach the crispy parmigiano shell at the bottom. Other must-try regional dishes include the oxtail and the authentic brick oven pizza.