Rollright Stones

Rollright Stones is a prehistoric site that features monoliths that date back several centuries and offer a rare and mysterious glimpse of history.

Ancient Stones

The ancient monument at Rollright Stones has three distinct sets of structures that are from different time periods in history:

  1. The King Stone, a grand edifice of a bygone era.
  2. The Kings Men, a circle of prehistoric rocks
  3. The Whispering Knights, a closely-mounted cluster of rocks, believed to be a burial chamber.

These ancient stones are made up of Jurassic-era limestone and have been fodder for several interesting legends and intriguing folklore.

Activities and Facilities

Activities at Rollright Stones include counting the stones, as they believe The Kings Men’s stones cannot be counted, and if you are able to count three times and get the same answers, you can wish for anything. Besides that, the Trust that maintains the site hosts events like star gazing and exploring wildlife.

Rollright Stones is well equipped with facilities such as toilets, a café, and a farm garden shop. They also have accommodation for tourists as camping at the site is not permitted.

They do have camp sites nearby such as Mill Farm at Long Compton and Nuholme at Chipping Norton.