Rocky Point Beach

Rocky Point Beach is a very fun filled beach found deep in St. Thomas. That's not all, it is also a fishing beach where you can purchase fresh fish from fishermen.

Rocky Point Beach is a very popular beach at the east side of St. Thomas. It is surrounded by a little community. It is a public beach and if you like you can even have a picnic on the beach. Bring along a group and enjoy what Rocky Point has to offer. A whole day filled with fun. Bring your own stuff to make the day even better, like a ball or some other recreational gear. The fun is on you.

Food is available at the beginning at the beach. Steamed fish and bammy is a specialty at Rocky Point. Also there is a shop and bar where you can hangout. Occasionally, there is an ice cream guy there. It is a free beach, you can buy your lunch there or you can even have a family cook out. The beach is populated by mostly people from the community so you don’t have to worry; they will make your experience one of the best.

If you would like to go for a boat ride, you will only be charged a small fee by the fishermen. They are really nice people. Take your children to see the variety of sea creatures the fishermen bring to shore, like sharks, octopuses and many more. I can tell you, after visiting rocky point you will be exhausted because the fun never ends. Come enjoy the rich fun Rocky Point has to offer.