Rio Cobre River

The Rio Cobre River is a very popular river in Jamaica. It has a famous bridge called the flat bridge among other famous legends.

Rio Cobre River has had its ups and down in history. It was a place where slaves drowned when slavery was going on in Jamaica. It is believed that  at pm every good Friday the slaves would appear at the bridge.

The Rio Cobre River is one of the largest and deepest rivers in Jamaica. It  known for the famous flat bridge at bog walk. It houses the tropical beauty of forests at its watershed. One of the oldest roads was built in 1770 which opened the gorge at Bog Walk. The river cuts the limestone which turned it into the gorge.

The flat bridge was created in an old fashioned way by use of mortar and cut stone. The flat bridge got its name from an event where the Rio Cobre River rose about 33 feet above the bridge during a natural disaster. It is a place where families go to and have picnics and swim in the beautiful river. Bring your family and learn more about the Rio Cobre’s historic significance to Jamaica. It is free.