On of the most famous art and history museums in the Netherlands, featuring works from classic Dutch painters.

A Museum Full of Dutch Masterpieces

The imposing towers of the Rijksmuseum are the crown jewel of Amsterdam’s Museumplein. The Rijksmuseum is the largest art gallery in the nation, featuring more than 8,000 pieces from throughout Dutch history. Visitors can wander its grand hallways and view masterpieces by Vermeer, Rembrandt, and more. Ruffled collars and detailed landscapes abound.

A Rich History

In addition to paintings, the Rijksmuseum displays historical items – everything from important archeological finds to classic fashion. There’s also a small collection of Asian art, as well as regularly changing exhibitions. If you don’t know anything about the Dutch when you enter the Rijksmuseum, you certainly will by the time you leave.

The museum is open every single day of the year, including holidays. And if you’re the outdoorsy type, you can spend hours strolling its landscaped gardens, all for free. The Rijksmuseum is simply a must for any first-time visitor to Amsterdam.

Photos from Rijksmuseum