Rialto Bridge

In the very heart of Venice across the Grand Canal, the magnificent Rialto Bridge connects the districts of San Marco and San Polo.

The most beautiful bridge over Grand Canal

Once busy with merchants, today Rialto Bridge is crowded by tourists. Opened in 1591, for more than 300 years the bridge was the only option of people for pedestrian crossing of the Grand Canal. Various architects and artists took part in the construction of the bridge, including Anthony da Ponte and Michelangelo.

Formed by two inclined ramps, Rialto Bridge is covered by a portico of shops on each side and three walkways that cross the bridge. The arc of the bridge is 7.5 m high and the bridge itself is supported by twelve thousands of wooden pilings.

The area around

Rialto Bridge is surrounded by numerous tiny streets with many nice souvenir shops, stores for clothes, small pizzas and romantic cafes. Getting lost in this labyrinth is easy and… priceless, especially when you know that on the top of almost each building there is a pointer to the Rialto Bridge.

The best place to take photos of the bridge is by riding on one of the water buses along the Grand Canal or sitting at one of the waterfront restaurants on the two banks like for example, Al Campanile Restaurant.

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