Reykjavik Primo Restaurant

Located on Reykjavik’s Laugavegur street Primo Restaurant is a quaint Italian restaurant where wine flows, candles flicker, and pasta is ready-made each day. The staff here are all Italian and have worked in Reykjavik for decades fine-tuning they’re Italian style in an Icelandic setting.

The Restaurant

Located in an old yellow and greenhouse in central Reykjavik this little Italian mixes fresh ingredients with Italian passion to create both delicious dishes and an inviting ambience. Small tables are dotted around the room to create a cosy atmosphere, and the window tables are particularly quaint.

What to Order

Pizzas range from classic Hawaiian to more fish orientated with local scallops, shrimps and mussels being some of the restaurants favourite toppings. The foie gras tortellini is rich and delightful while the homemade lasagna is the perfect heart-warming dish after a day out in the cold. For a lighter bite try the avocado salad or the parma ham platter.

Stay at home!

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