Restaurant ‘t Zwaantje

An Amsterdam restaurant famous for its traditional Dutch cuisine.

An Authentic Dutch Restaurant

Restaurant ‘t Zwaantje (the swan) is known for its traditional Dutch cuisine. Located in the center of Amsterdam for over 40 years, this staple offers nourishing fare in a warm, rustic space–it’s gezellig, as the Dutch would say.

Traditional Dishes and More

At ‘t Zwaantje, guests can try local dishes such as stamppot–potatoes mashed with various vegetables and meats. The menu has plenty of fresh seafood thanks to Amsterdam’s location on the water. And for those who decidedly do not want Dutch food, there are many other options, from French cuisine, to lamb chops, to prime rib, all offered at reasonable prices.

The interior is designed to be homey and welcoming. Old-fashioned lamps hang from the ceiling, and the walls are crowded with trinkets and photographs from another age. Restaurant ‘t Zwaantje prides itself on providing locals and visitors alike with an authentic Dutch experience.