Restaurant Lebenbauer

If you’ve been pigging out on your city break and indulging in Austrian delights such as cheese and chocolate, then it’s probably time you revitalised your nutrients and took a trip to Restaurant Lebenbauer.

What to Expect

This formal eatery is famous for serving extra nutritious dishes that aim to balance out your vitamins, minerals and fibre intakes. The cuisine is a mix of Austrian and international fusion food, all of which has been sourced locally and prepared fresh by the house chef.

What to Order

Raw salads with cold pressed oils, organic vegetables and grain soups make up the heart of the menu along with fresh fish dishes and tofu delights. Vegan and vegetarian options are available too and dining outside in the garden adds an extra freshness to your dining experience.

Stay at home!

Feel free to browse our website, but please for the time being, follow your national guidance.