? Restaurant – An Authentic 19th Century Inn

Spending half an hour for a drink or a few hours for a meal is truly great investment of your time in ? Restaurant.

It’s not a mistake. Name of the oldest Belgrade restaurant is truly the question mark (?). Such a name has a long history that could be summarized in a few words. Created by the Greek masters in the Balkan style in 1823, the then inn was named Serbian Tavern. As the owners changed, the name did, too, until it was named By the Cathedral Church (in 1892), referring to the religious structure located at the opposite side of the street. Religious authorities found such a name inconvenient, even insulting. As a temporary solution, until the dispute was resolved, the owner put a question mark, which remained.

The ? restaurant remained practically the same since 1823; only the fridges (and bottled drinks) remind you that you live in the 21st century once you get in. So, do not expect to find the WiFi in there. The coffee is prepared and served in the traditional way, which pretty much could be said for the dishes, too. Staff in period costumes is very forthcoming and efficient, and they might even surprise you with a small gift. Besides dining and drinking sections, ? restaurant disposes of tucked, cozy garden. On certain days, you can enjoy live music from 20:00 until 23:00 (00:00 on Saturdays).

If you are still unconvinced that ? restaurant is a worthy place to visit, maybe a true anecdote will get you around. The high religious official, from the establishment across the street, visited the restaurant. Once he had his meal, he stated: “Now I see why people who seek comfort, and do not find it in the cathedral, come by here”.

Photos from ? Restaurant – An Authentic 19th Century Inn