Residence of Princess Ljubica

Less known, but nothing less spectacular, history of Belgrade awaits you to have it discovered in this extraordinary museum.

The Residence of Princess Ljubica is truly a spectacular museum, which displays the way of living of the upper classes in the Serbian capital throughout the 19th and early 20th century. The museum occupies the 19th century building, which used to be home of Prince Milos Obrenovic’s spouse, thus the name.

Throughout the museum’s premises you can familiarize yourselves with prevalent styles of private, public and official rooms, encompassing Ottoman, Biedermeier, Second Empire, Baroque Revival and other popular movements. Pay attention to the chronological order how the styles alternated and what caused such alterations; you are also about to find out how wealthy people demonstrated their social status to others among many other things.

In the Princess Ljubica’s Residence you can attend at the specified time a mono-drama performed by a lady (Princess Ljubica) in period garments and in the authentic environment. Occasionally, a temporary exhibition takes place in the residence’s basement.

Photos from Residence of Princess Ljubica

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