Reggae Beach

Are you longing for a beach experience that will just have you really impressed? Take a trip to the Reggae Beach in Ocho Rios where you will get the experience of a life time with your friends and family.

Reggae Beach is known for its great customer service and awesome blue, crystal clear waters. Recently renamed Bamboo Beach Club, this beach has not lost its authentic Jamaican vibes. The beach is protected and falls between two cliffs which gives it a very unique formation.

At a cost  of $12 US you can experience a piece of heaven. It is usually a quiet and uncrowded beach which makes it ideal for romantic beach day out or a family trip. You will enjoy swimming, the music and the friendly people. They offer massages, fresh fruit cocktails, Jamaican fruits and delicious grilled seafood.

If you like playing games, Dominoes and other Jamaican games will be there for your entertainment. It will be a place where you can relax and feel at home. At the gift shop, you can order a picture package where photographers will readily capture your day at the beach and present it in your desired style. Come and join the party at the bonfire and have a great time at Reggae Beach.