Parc Asterix

Uderzo and Goscinny’s fabulously successful comic series on Asterix and Obelix has enlivened the lives of thousands of children all over the world. Now, they can get to enjoy an immersive experience at Parc Asterix.

Fun for the whole family

This fun-filled thematic amusement park stays true to the comic series while bringing together a variety of attractions, rides and shows for the whole family, including toddlers. They have also successfully integrated themes from ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt and, not to forget, the Vikings. Naturally, the outrageous humor of the series has been retained in every aspect of the park. 🙂

Rides, shows and more

Besides the obvious rides and roller coasters are a variety of fantastic shows. Reverence is a dolphin and sea lion performance while the Village Show highlights the everyday lives of the indomitable Gauls. Remember Unhygienix, Cacofonix and the rest? They’re alive and well here! 🙂

The park has a LOT more to offer the family and if Asterix was a part of your childhood, a visit to Parc Asterix is an absolute must.