Cape Town

Ratanga Junction

Ratanga Junction is one of Cape Town’s popular attractions with its many theme rides and wholesome entertainment for the family. From gravity-defying rides to bouncy attractions for kids, there’s something here for people of all ages.

Roller Coasters to Climbing Walls

Ratanga Junction boasts two roller coasters – the looping Nashua Cape Cobras Thrill Ride and the Slingshot, an extreme skycoaster. The Monkey Falls drops you from a height of 18.5 m making it one of the highest log flumes in the world. Besides these intense rides, there are other attractions too like the Congo Queen, Bushwacker, Stargazer and a couple of zip lines.

Entertainment for the family

There are other fun activities for families like canal cruises, paddle boats, skating rinks and a climbing wall that accommodate nearly all with 6 routes to choose from. Children will enjoy the Barrel Rolls, Masai Tailspin, African Convoy, Scooter City, Foam Castle and more. And, of course, don’t forget to top off your day with a ride on the Temperance Flyer, a miniature train that takes you around most of the attractions.