Rangoli India Restaurant

The Sanskrit meaning of Rangoli is a type of Indian art that features intricate patterns and vibrant colors. At Rangoli India Restaurant, both the taste and presentation of food is a work of art, indeed.

Ambient and Sophisticated

After its establishment in 2006, Rangoli India Restaurant quickly gained attention as being one of the best places to eat in San Jose. It has been recommended by dining authorities such as the Michelin Guide. Inside, the beautiful dining room invites guests to tables decorated with freshly cut flowers. On the walls are words and phrases written in Sanskrit.

Distinctive Cuisine

Rangoli India Restaurant serves cuisine that is found in the Northern and coastal regions of India. The artistic food is prepared with high-quality traditional ingredients. Most of the entrees are served with a side of rice. Even though many of the dishes contain meat, vegetarians will find several options to suite their dietary needs.

Samplers and Entrees

The gracious service at Rangoli India Restaurant know that many first-time visitors are unfamiliar with Indian cuisine. Many “small plates” are on the menu. These allow for a taste of India with an affordable price. One delicious small plate option is the Honey Cauliflower. For a taste of traditional Indian flatbread known as naan, order the Nizza which comes with roasted red pepper relish and mozzarella cheese. If you are looking for an entrée, Rangoli recommends their Chicken tikka masalas, a dish of tomato-sauce marinated chicken with aromatic fenugreek and cashew paste. Seafood entrees, however, are the specialty at this restaurant. Taste the spices of India in the Garlic Lobster Curry or Goan Fish. While some combinations on the menu seem unusual, they are a perfect twist on traditional Indian cuisine.

Top Tip: Consider a buffet if you would like to try multiple menu items. Rangoli India Restaurant offers a lunch buffet on Monday through Friday and a Sunday brunch buffet complete with sparkling wine.

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