Radio City Music Hall

If you love music, be sure to check out what Radio City Music Hall has to offer. Inside is the world’s largest indoor theater. The Rockettes, a dance company known for high-kicking chorus lines, performs Christmas shows and other spectacular shows. So many big names have played on this stage; you never know who might be in town during your visit – check the website for upcoming concerts.

Radio City Music Hall is the beating heart of Rockefeller Center. It was built to be what it still is today:  a concert venue that offers high-quality entertainment for ordinary people.  The beautiful building is adorned with murals, sculpture, gold foil, and marble as well as aluminum and cork.  Its sophisticated style is the perfect backdrop to the Rockettes’ Christmas holiday shows.

Radio City Stage Door Tour is the guided tour designed to show visitors the private and public spaces within the theater. Art deco masterpieces, behind-the-curtain secrets of the stage, and an encounter with a Rockette are all part of the tour.  The Radio City Stage Door Tour is given daily from 10 am to 5 pm.  Tickets cost $26.95 for adults and $19.95 for those 12 years of age and younger.  If you want to see those dazzling Rockettes costumed at a show, check online for their current schedule.

Besides Radio City Stage Door Tour, other tours are available for visitors with specialized interests. If you yourself are an aspiring actor or musician, check out Radio City Music Hall’s website for further details on what they have to offer.  This is a great place to find deals on tickets also.  Order online in advance, and you may be eligible for a discount.

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