Queen Victoria Building

The Queen Victoria Building is Sydney’s most impressive display of 19th-century architecture, design and masonry. Originally built to house the local market the building today stands as the cities most prominent and best shopping mall. Whether you’re a shopaholic or not, the Queen Victoria Building is worth visiting to admire its grandeur alone.

Building History

The building was designed by local architect George McRae who opted for the opulent and impressive Romanesque Revival style. Construction of the building was completed around the 1890’s and underwent restoration and re-opening in 1986. Today it’s listed on the New South Wales State Heritage register and is considered to be one of the cities most beautiful architectural masterpieces after the obvious Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

How to Get Here and What’s Inside

The building sits just shy of Sydney’s Central Business District and is bound by the streets of York, Market, George and Druitt on all four sides. Getting here is easy as its just a short 20-minute walk from the Royal Botanical Gardens. Once here you’ll find over 180 stores inside including luxury boutiques, designer labels and artisan craft stores.