Quan Thanh Temple

This historical Taoist temple is one of Hanoi’s most famous places of worship.

God of the North

While there are a plethora of temples in Hanoi, Quan Thanh is one of the most famous. Situated across from West Lake, Quan Thanh is known for its lush grounds. Vivid flowers blossom along the walls that surround the compound, and tall, leafy trees offer shade during the warm months. Vietnamese people still come here to worship and make offerings to Tran Vo, the God of the North.

Religious History

Quan Thanh was originally established during the Ly Dynasty, and people have renovated it many times over since then. Consequently, the temple displays many different styles of imperial architecture. Visitors will find several beautifully carved statues both inside the temple and surrounding it–especially animals like elephants and turtles. The white tiered gate at the entrance to the temple grounds is a great place to take pictures.

Quan Thanh is open daily, and it costs a mere 10,000 dong for visitors. The Botanic Gardens are nearby, and Tran Quoc Pagoda is only a short walk away. There are also several places to grab a bite to eat along the lakeshore.