Oxford, England

Cherwell Boathouse Restaurant

Cherwell Boathouse Restaurant is a winning combination of an elegant restaurant, café and a boathouse or punt station, as the locals would call it. The boathouse is reputed to be the biggest in Oxford with nearly 80 punts available for hire.

Hosting celebrations for over a century

The iconic Oxford restaurant was founded in 1904 by an enterprising University Waterman, Thomas Tims. Since then, it has been frequented by townsfolk, tourists, distinguished university speakers and staff. Of course, the venue also hosts several celebratory occasions for students and their families.

Food, wine and tea

Set on the idyllic banks of the serene Cherwell river, the restaurant is known for fine dining and its spectacular wine list which has won several accolades. The Teahut Bar, a charming place with a rustic appeal, is highly recommended for their Afternoon Teas.

When the celebrations and the dining is done, hop onto a punt and glide leisurely down the Cherwell. It makes for a perfect ending to the day.