Puerto Seco Beach

Puerto Seco Beach is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable beach in Jamaica. It is found in Ocho Rios which is the most popular tourist destination in Jamaica.

Puerto Seco Beach has a rich history. It is believed that it is the first place Christopher Columbus landed when he came to Jamaica. It is an ideal beach to bring your family to. It is free. Swimming gears are available for renting. Activities that are available include swimming, Jet Skiing and Fishing.

It is found in the parish of Saint Ann at the coastline where that is known for its white sandy beaches. Food and refreshments provided at a small cost by vendors. If you prefer to go on a quiet day to the beach, in the week would be good. The water is calm and the vibes is great on Weekend and Holidays.

Puerto Seco got its name from Christopher Columbus which means “dry port” in English. This is because Christopher Columbus was in search of fresh water but found none, therefore in anger he called the beach Puerto Seco. It is also a nice place to have a picnic under the shade before or/ and after swimming. Take your family to experience the Puerto Seco.