Psycho Donuts

Killer cravings got you down? Satisfy your sugar addiction at Psycho Donuts!

An Institution for Insanely Good Donuts

The creations at Psycho Donuts are a game-changer to gourmet donuts. They use the donut fillings and toppings you already love and make their donuts a macabre work of art. Locked up behind the display case are horribly delicious confections. One such item was inspired by the main character in the popular Friday the 13th movie franchise, Jason. The Jasonut stares through a hockey mask made of powdered sugar, awaiting chocolate lovers. Fans of Jason will enjoy the simulation of blood created by this donut’s raspberry filling. This is an excellent example of the frighteningly fantastic items here. If you like vanilla custard filling, try the choco frosted Boston Scream Pie, complete with an edible image of a skull. Why waste milk on your cereal when you can have it on top of a donut like the Cereal Killer? Only a deranged mind would try to make Oreo cookies even better, but those experiments have paid off in the Kooky Monster and Suicide Squeeze. Psycho Donuts is always experimenting, too. They have been known to make taco donuts and even donuts with sushi!

Art for the Body and Mind

There’s no doubt that Psycho Donuts creates edible pieces of artwork, but you aren’t restricted to merely staring at your food while you are there. Eat up and enjoy the displayed work of local artists. Psycho Donuts doubles as an art gallery. The content of the artwork fits right in at the donut ward. The artwork displayed changes throughout the year, and some of the items are available for purchase. Check out Psycho Donuts’ website to find current information regarding special exhibits.

Devious Décor

Psycho Donuts’ atmosphere makes you feel as if you are stepping into the halls of a mental institution. With a special padded room and caution signs everywhere, it feels like being surrounded by danger. As you walk to the counter, you will go crazy for a taste of a dieter’s nightmare! A colorful ooze seeps around the glass display; behind it await the quirky yet delicious donuts raved about by many popular media outlets such as The Food Network, Today Show, and Maxim Magazine.

Top Tip: If you park in the garage above the shop, inform the cashier at Psycho Donuts that you need your parking ticket validated.

Stay at home!

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