Princess Mother Memorial Park

Built as a tribute to his mother by his majesty King Bhumibol in 1993, Princess Mother Memorial Park features a museum that is dedicated to the life of the Princess Mother and tells the story of her childhood. This beautiful park was opened in 1997 and attracts thousands of visitors every week.

History of Princess Mother Memorial Park

A much-beloved figure in Thailand, the Princess Mother was born in Thonburi and was a part of the first generation of Thai women who were educated. She went to the United States to get her degree and there she met the Prince of Songka Nagarindra. She had 3 children with the prince and became a part of the royal family. The King was afraid that the building where the Princess Mother was raised will get run down, so he decided to renovate the area.

What to See

There are two exhibition halls in the museum that display the photographs of the Princess Mother, and there is also a reproduction of the house where she grew up. This popular park allows the general public to take a glimpse into the life of the Princess Mother and the admission to the museum is free of charge. The easiest way to get to the park is by the Tourist Boat.