Preservation Hall

Since 1961, Preservation Hall has offered nightly concerts of authentic New Orleans jazz.

Music cornerstone

Preservation Hall is just about synonymous with New Orleans jazz today, and for good reason. The nonprofit organization and music venue was established in 1961 with the mission of preserving and protecting the Louisiana city’s rich musical heritage. It also operates a touring band and a record label to spread the soul of New Orleans jazz beyond the city limits.

Historic building

Preservation Hall has its roots in a small art gallery where Larry Borenstein held jazz concerts in the 1950s, an era more focused on rock ‘n’ roll than older jazz forms.The jam sessions grew into the present mission and eventually moved into its current location: an old 19th century tavern.

Modern concerts

To this day, Preservation Hall hosts nightly jazz concerts. There are multiple showtimes each evening, and more opportunities to get down to authentic New Orleans jazz on the weekends. Reservations aren’t necessary, but are available online if you’d like to skip a half hour of waiting in line the night of.

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