Moulin Rouge

Dazzling colors, glittery costumes, glamorous dances and flawless synchronization are just some of the phrases that run through your head at the Moulin Rouge.

Moulins Rouge

Steeped in Parisian lore

The Moulin Rouge is as steeped in Parisian history as the Eiffel Tower. Indeed, the cabaret was founded in the same year, 1889. As Paris was aglow with the optimism and prosperity that marked the Belle Époque (French for Beautiful Era), the flamboyant cabaret welcomed its visitors with its iconic red windmill.

An extravagant show

The extravagant show titled Feerie, comprises 80 artistes from around the world and a thousand costumes designed to bedazzle the audience. The acts include, of course, enthusiastic dancing, besides a circus-inspired show, the exotic tale of Sandokan the pirate complete with snakes in a large aquarium as well as daring feats that celebrate extraordinary talent.

Moulin Rouge has entertained Parisians and visitors for over a hundred years, and that in itself ought to be reason enough to visit.

Handy Tip:

  • Sports or casual wear is strictly forbidden. If Moulin Rouge is on your itinerary, do remember to pack a pair of formal shoes besides your flip flops and trainers.

Photos from Moulin Rouge

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