Kuala Lumpur

Precious Old China

Precious Old China within Central Market is an iconic restaurant at the food scenario of Kuala Lumpur.

Art, Antiques and Food

Central Market is an attractive destination for souvenirs, handicrafts and trinkets. Precious is on the mezzanine level of the market.

When you take a step into the restaurant, you do feel that you’ve been transported back in time. Handcrafted furniture, art pieces, antiquities, stained glass panels, intricate latticework, marble table-tops, chandeliers – all evoke an inimitable old world charm that draws in faithful diners.

Authentic Nyonya Cuisine

The restaurant is famed for its authentic Nyonya cuisine and flavours. From starters like Jiu Hu Char and Pie Tee to sides like Fish Head Curry (spicy fish gravy),  Beef Rendang (beef slow-cooked to tender meat in traditional spices), Pucuk Paku Kerabu (local greens served with a spicy mix and crushed peanuts), you can enjoy bold flavours that aim to please.

Maybe just this once, you might want to forgo plain rice and order their fluffy Coconut Rice – it is delicately flavoured and has a blue tinge, thanks to the addition of the Butterfly Pea Flower. Like we said, it is authentic all the way.