Prague Zoo

Located a few kilometers outside of the city center, Prague Zoo is home to over 5000 animals and 650 species. Animals at the zoo range from tigers, lions, penguins, to elephants, giraffes, and sea lions. Prague Zoo is easily reachable by public transport, and each year there are over one million visitors.


African House and Indonesian Jungle are probably the most visited pavilions in the Prague Zoo, together with the Children Zoo and the Children area, where kids are allowed to play with domestic animals like rabbits, hens, ponies, ducks, and sheep. Visitors can purchase low calories granules from the slot machines and feed some of the animals in the zoo.

Landscape and Other Islands

Spread over 69 hectares, the grounds at Prague Zoo offer amazing countryside views. Some of the most interesting islands and valleys in the Zoo include Water World and Monkey Islands, Lemur Island, and the Elephant Valley.

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