Prague Thrift Store

Prague Thrift Store is a charitable shop that offers second-hand clothing, used books, and kid’s toys. Although the shop has opened its doors quite recently, it attracts hundreds of people every day because of its charity work and high-quality clothing.

The Owners

Prague Thrift Store was opened in 2010 by Barbara and her husband Thomas who are Hungarians that lived and worked in Florida before coming to Prague. They fell in love with the city instantly and decided to open up a second-hand shop that also focuses on charity and donations. Both of them are very friendly, and this is probably one of the reasons why so many people come here every day.

Donations and Charity

The great thing about this shop is that it supports shelters for single and abused mothers, as well as many other charities in the country. Prague Thrift Store also accepts donations in form of furniture and clothes at all times.

Stay at home!

Feel free to browse our website, but please for the time being, follow your national guidance.