Prague Market

Located just outside the city center, Prague Market (Pražská Tržnice) is the largest outdoor market in Prague. Visitors will find a variety of shops and stands that sell everything from electrical equipment to vegetables.


Originally used as a slaughter house in the 19th century, Prague Market is an attractive destination for locals due to its remote location. There are several Vietnamese stands, restaurants, and Czech second-hand shops that attract hundreds of people every day. Over Saturdays, there is a farmers Market at Hala 22 where local vendors sell sausages, vegetables, and cheese. A weekly flea market is held on Fridays.


Prague Market is located near the Vltava River in the southern part of Holešovice. This market does not attract many tourists, but it is still worth exploring. Several coffee shops and stands that sell local delicacies and Asian snacks can be found at the Prague Market.

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