Prague Castle

Prague Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is considered to be the biggest castle area in the world. The complex consists of the Courtyards, Royal Palace, St. Virus Cathedral, St. George's Basilica and Convent, Golden Lane, and several towers.

History of Prague Castle

Prince Bořivoj founded Prague Castle around 880 and Church of the Virgin Mary was the first stone building. St. George’s Basilica was built in the 10th century, while St. Vitus Basilica was founded in the 11th century. The Prague Castle was home to kings and princes of Czech in the 10th century, and it was also the main seat of the Holy Roman Emperor in the 14th century.

Golden Lane

One of the most popular sights for tourists in the complex is the Golden Lane, a street where wooden houses are located. Goldsmiths were living here in the 17th century, although there is a legend that says how alchemists were trying to turn metal into gold on this street.

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