Prague Astronomical Clock

The Prague Astronomical Clock is a medieval astronomical clock located in the Old Town Square. Every hour is announced with 12 apostles that are passing by the window right above the Astronomical Dial. It is surely one of the most visited sightseeing spots in the Old Town.

The Legend

Many people believed for a long time that clock master Hanus was the author of the Prague Astronomical Clock. The legend says that many foreigners were amazed by the clock, but Hanus didn’t want to show the construction plans to Prague Councillors. After the Councillors heard that Hanus is planning to build one more clock, they blinded him out of jealousy. The legend also says how he damaged the clock after this, and how no one was able to fix it.

The True Story

In 1961, in one of the documents in was discovered that the real author of Prague Astronomical Clock is actually Mikulas of Kadan in 1410. The astronomer and a professor at Charles University, Jan Sindel helped Miculas to design it. The clock was repaired sometime in the 16th century, but was often out of order and finally stopped working. In 1865, the Astronomical Clock was repaired and a new Calendar Dial that was painted by Josef Manes was added.

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