Ponte Milvio Market

The antiques to be found at the monthly Ponte Milvio Market make this attraction one of Rome's best kept secrets.

Riverside stroll

For those who have yet to pick up any Italian, “ponte” means “bridge.” So it follows that a “ponte” market in Rome would be the perfect place to enjoy a waterfront setting. Shopping along the banks of the River Tiber is one of the Eternal City’s best kept secrets.

Remote location

Far to the north of the city center, this hidden gem is out of the way, but worth a visit. Nearby landmarks include the Stadio Olimpico and the MAXXI art museum. The Roman metro doesn’t reach this far, but you can take a bus or tram to the bridge.

Amazing antiques

If you’re lucky enough to be in Rome the second Sunday of the month, this is one of the best places in the city for antique hunting. In addition to antiques, you can find shabby chic furniture, vintage accessories, and artworks.

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