Malibu Beaches

Malibu beaches are great for surfing, sunning, swimming, and sightseeing. Zuma is a top beach for families and Surfrider Beach is near great shopping and dining.

21 Miles of Sun and Sand on Malibu Beaches

A trip to Los Angeles should include a visit to one or more Malibu beaches. There are more than 30 to choose from, all lying along a 21-mile strip of sand that begins just west of Pacific Palisades and continues on to the start of Ventura County. Malibu’s beaches are popular with surfers, sunbathers, swimmers, and those who like to stop to see the sun set over the water. On Malibu beaches, there are several tide pool areas where kids, and adults who enjoy nature, can dip their toes into the rock-filled water to spy tiny crabs and sea anemone.

Zuma and Surfrider Beaches are Must-Sees

Zuma is one of the top beaches in Malibu, because it’s clean and it has a wide patch of sand that can hold a lot of people On the weekends and holidays, Zuma becomes quite crowded, likely due to the combination of free parking (if you can find a spot on Pacific Coast Highway) and waves that are usually good for body surfing and body boarding. Surfrider beach in Malibu is the beach to visit for those who want to enjoy a romantic encounter or space with fewer people. This beach gets some great waves, which is why many of the surf legends of the 1960s paddled out there.

Venice Beach is another beach travelers enjoy when they visit Los Angeles.

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