Picasso Museum

Discover the Painter, his Life and his Artwork

Nestled in the heart of Barcelona is the intriguing Picasso Museum, this display is dedicated to the artist’s work and ranges from his blue period and his early youth works to his discovery of cubism.

Picasso studied to become an artist in Barcelona and some of his formative work was completed here. Before he passed in 1973 he donated his own private collection from his early days, one of the highlights was the Las Meninas suite, which includes 58 interpretations of Diego Velasquez’ work.

This, out of all of the museums in the world showcases Picasso’s early work, there are a number of guided tours available in many languages which delve into the history of Pablo Picasso, the painter and the man. This was one of the great modern and post-modern artists and his work continues to influence many creatives in the world today and will continue to do so for many generations to come.