Piazza del Campidoglio

Designed by none other than Michelangelo, the Piazza del Campidoglio is a setting worthy of the ancient Roman Senate.

Seat of Roman government

This site atop Capitoline Hill has long been of great importance to Rome. The ancients, who placed their Senate here, believed it was actually the center of the world. Today it remains the center of the city as Rome’s City Hall keeps a government presence on this historic hilltop.

Michelangelo’s masterpiece

You might know Michelangelo best for his indoor works of art, like the statue of David in Florence or the painted ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, just a stone’s throw away at the Vatican. But Italy’s most legendary Renaissance man is also responsible for public art, such as this square. Everything from the facades lining the Piazza del Campidoglio to the characteristic starburst design at your feet is thanks to his genius.

Exercise for body and mind

Many first-time visitors might make the mistake of missing this beautiful Roman square. Perched atop the long stair of the Cordonata, this isn’t a corner of the city you can simply stumble across. Warm up those leg muscles and hoof it to the top of one of Rome’s seven hills. Once you conquer Capitoline Hill, you can explore its museums. Since the 15th century, these public museums have displayed classical sculpture and other marvels of art and archaeology.