San Francisco, USA

Petit Crenn – An authentic Breton restaurant

For fine French food that will make you feel like you're dining at home, Petit Crenn is a superb option. Run by chef Dominique Crenn and reflecting the cooking of her grandmother, mother, and the Brittany region, the food (as well as the entire dining experience) is completely authentic. Sipping Calvados from the orchards of northern France before your meal will truly lead the way to a bon appétit!

The dining experience at Petit Crenn has notes of the North West areas of France, from which chef Dominique Crenn hails. The just-shucked oysters, the French onion soup, and the salad between courses all provide the experience of genuine Brittany, but in the middle of San Francisco. The five-course meals are satisfying, fresh, and nutritious. What is more, they serve an all-seafood multiple-course dinner that will have pescatarians giving each other a high five.

If you have an adventurous palate, try the fire-roasted trout, the black walnut gnocchi, and the mushroom tartine. Anything with apple, be it the gelee, cider, or vinaigrette, is truly delicious and the buckwheat bread is not bad either. Finally, don’t leave without eating copious amounts of cheese.

Petit Crenn will accommodate those with food allergies given enough notice, but be sure to check their website for specifics regarding reservations. They serve full-course, pre-specified meals, as well as a la carte offerings and other variations. Some options require reservations. And by all means, enjoy a Calva too!

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