An American-style smokehouse in Amsterdam.

An American Smokehouse in Amsterdam

Inspired by Prohibition-era Kansas City, Pendergast smokehouse caters to meat-lovers. In a nod to its European home, the restaurant aims to combine American cuisine with Dutch culture. Pendergast prepares its meals daily and ensures that they are always packed with flavor.

Flavorful Meats, Fresh Vegetables

The restaurant smokes its various meats over Dutch fruit wood–the menu offers everything from beef to pork to fish, served with a side of seasonal vegetables. It even offers smoked seitan for vegetarians. The menu also boasts several craft beers from local Dutch brewers, as well as a large selection of spirits.

Pendergast has a cozy corner location on Groen van Prinstererstraat, but the owners have managed to brighten and open the space by painting the walls with light colors and furnishing the restaurant with simple pieces. In this way, the atmosphere of Pendergast mirrors its food: straightforward and fresh.