Arc de Triomphe

The magnificent Arc de Triomphe, a symbol of hope and freedom, stands majestically at the hub of Paris, the Place de Gaulle. This busy traffic center is also known as the Star Square as 12 major Parisian streets branch out from this historic site.

A grand victory arch

The grand victory arch was commissioned in 1806 by Emperor Napoleon to honor military victories. At 50 m high, 45 m wide and 22 m deep, it is one of the largest arches in the world. The Arc is adorned with striking friezes and stunning sculptures.

A homage to courage

In true military style, beneath the Arc lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a memorial to the unidentified soldiers who died fighting for France in the World Wars.

The Arc ‘d Triomphe stands as a bridge between the old and the new as it continues to reflect significant moments of France. It is also why millions visit the revered monument every year to pay homage to the undying spirit of France.

Photos from Arc de Triomphe

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