Patronato Market

A busy market that thrives on rows and rows of shops and stalls, Patronato Market is one of the most iconic places in Santiago.

Diversity District

The historic Patronato Market is at the heart of a diverse and versatile community which finds its bearings back in 1890s, when Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian colonies were established. They also welcomed an influx of immigrants from Korea and China as a result the market seems very Asian in some aspects.

Clothing and Food

A perfect place for shopping, the market mainstay is tightly packed streets that sell a variety of clothes.

A trip to Patronato feels like entering a labyrinth, with its seemingly endless stalls of clothing for the whole family. Though, ladies will have a field day with its large range of garments.

There are also several inexpensive eateries to dine in after all the hectic shopping and haggling.

Patronato Market is your place if you have a strong yearning for Middle Eastern, Chinese or Korean flavours.

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