Patio Bellavista Market

A bustling outdoor market that boasts exciting cuisine, art and culture, Patio Bellavista Market is the place to be when you want to get a feel of Santiago.

Attractions for All

Patio Bellavista is located in the centre of the Barrio Bellavista, famed for decades as the Bohemeian quarter of Santiago Bohemian region. Surrounded by colorfully painted heritage houses, it has become an attraction for locals and tourists over the years.

Shop, Stroll and Savor

The market is famed for its authentic local arts and crafts. You can also find a smattering of art galleries, wine parlors and several themed restaurants.

There are about 50 shops set around a square which sell fine jewellery, clothing, natural products, books, fine leather products, textiles, pottery, Mapuche remedies and art work from all over the country.

Patio Bellavista is an ideal place to shop with a relaxed ambiance and outlets that leave you spoilt for choice. Every once in a while, you can also expect cultural exhibitions, traditional Chilean dances, or live concerts in the evenings.