Path to Eyrie

The Path to Eyrie is a snug valley, home to impressive rock formations, located near the western entrance to Pingvellir National Park. Whether you arrive by bus tour or bring your own vehicle the walk from the northern car park takes only five minutes before you find yourself at the top of the valley.


The valley and surrounding landscape have been forged over millions of years by moving glaciers and erupting volcanoes which eventually led to what we see today. The site stands as both a historical and cultural sight too as it’s here that the North Atlantic and Eurasian Plates are slowly drifting apart.

Game of Thrones

The valley has become famous for being a location in the early seasons of Game of Thrones and, as such, it attracts fans from across the world. The HBO television programme has also filmed elsewhere in Iceland, but it’s the Path to Eyre that appears to be the most prominent, picturesque, location.

Photos from Path to Eyrie