Ho Chi Minh City

Pasteur Street Brewing Company

Pasteur Street is one of the most popular craft breweries in Vietnam, straying far from the traditional, lager-style Vietnamese beers.

Adventurous Beers in an Adventurous Location

Pasteur Street Brewing Company is another one of Ho Chi Minh City’s hidden gems. Visitors will, of course, find it on Pasteur Street, close to major attractions like the Central Post Office. But to locate the bar, guests have to walk down an alley marked only by the brewery’s small, black-and-white sign, and then climb a narrow staircase. The tap room is quite small, typically crammed with guests–especially at happy hour.

Flavorful Craft Beers

Beer is popular in Vietnam, but the country’s most prominent brands are normally lagers. Pasteur Street is one of Vietnam’s few microbreweries, so its beers are normally stronger and more flavorful. Examples include the Spice Island Saison, made with citrus and black pepper, and the floral Jasmine IPA. These beers do cost more than the typical Vietnamese variety, but they’re also of higher quality.

The tap room does have some food on the menu, but it’s mostly limited to appetizers. Fortunately, many fine restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City also serve Pasteur Street’s creations. In fact, the delicious Propaganda bistro is just around the corner.