Parroquia de Santa Filomena

The Parish of St. Filomena is a magnificent 19th century church built in the neo-Gothic style with a soaring steeple and richly ornamented interiors.

Dedicated in 1894

The Church of Saint Filomena, dedicated to a Christian martyr, was designed by a French architect, Eugene Joannon, who sought inspiration for the sanctuary from famed European churches. The church, made of brick and plaster, was completed in 1894. It features the classic Gothic style with a central nave and two naves running parallel on either side.

Richly Ornamented

The church was financed entirely by the devout and it seems that no efforts were spared in creating a place of worship for the ages.

The monument features timeless works of art, beautiful sculptures and striking ornamentation in blue and gold. The brilliantly coloured stained glass windows including the iconic rosette windows were crafted in 1905. The transept windows depict the life, martyrdom and sainthood of St. Filomena who was beheaded by the Roman Emperor.

The Church of Saint Filomena has withstood the ravages of time especially the devastating earthquakes that have shaken Chile thus far. Hardly a surprise then that in 1995, the sanctuary was declared a National Monument of Chile.