Parque Aguas De Ramon

Parque Aguas De Ramon is an ideal locale for trekking, hiking or just enjoying the sheer beauty of the surrounding flora.

Breath-Taking Views

Nourished by the Estero de Ramón River, Parque Aguas De Ramon is located at the border of La Reina and Las Condes. It is surrounded by a wealth of natural heritage. If you are the adventurous kind, a trek into the forests will reward you with breath-taking views, waterfalls and hanging bridges. The park offers rest areas that include a cafeteria and snack stalls.

Adventure Activities

There are three hiking routes of varying difficulty that are available at the park – the Los Peumos, the Saltos de Apoquindo, and the Canto del Agua. They also have activities such as workshops with the purpose of creating awareness of the environment, mountain biking, and a daring zip line. .

Parque Aguas De Ramon is an ideal place to bring your family. If you intend to hike, do get there early – it takes at least seven hours to cover the entire trail!