Park Güell

A Magical Wonderland of Design, Mosaic and Colour in the Centre of Barcelona

Park Güell was created as an expression of modernism during the cultural resurgence of Barcelona and the region of Catalunya. Landowner Eusebi Güell saw a window display which renowned architect Antoni Gaudí had put together for the Universal Exhibition in Paris. He approached Gaudí and contracted him to develop a sprawling park estate for wealthy Catalan families on Muntanya Pelada (nicknamed Bare Mountain). In the years that followed Gaudí designed a magical retreat for the families with brightly coloured mosaic, towering obelisks and buildings designed with undulating curves and a uniqueness which has been unsurpassed to date.

For visitors to Barcelona, Park Güell  has some of the best photographic opportunities in the city, with vibrant colours and awe inspiring designs the park will captivate  imaginations of adults and children alike. Tickets can be purchased up to 3 months in advance, it is worth noting there are 2 different areas to view in the park: the Monumental Zone which requires ticket purchase, and the free access area which is open to all visitors with no charge. It is advisable to buy any tickets in advance as the park only allows a maximum of 400 people every half hour. Private Guided Tours are available.

Photos from Park Güell