Parco Savello

Enjoy an afternoon under an ancient orange grove.

Located behind the Basilica di Santa Sabina along the Tiber River, Parco Savello—or the Giardino degli Aranci—is one of Rome’s greenest and most tranquil spots. The park was originally part of the Savelli Castle built in the 13th century, until it was converted into a monastery, and then a public space in the early 1900s. The original castle’s drawbridge and some of its towers can still be seen from the park, as well as the site of the first orange tree planted there by Saint Dominic, according to legend. Today, orange trees are the park’s most prominent feature, and groves of them provide shade and a fairy tale ambience.

An Afternoon in Parco Savello

The park provides some incredible vistas of the roman skyline, including the Tiber River, the Forum Boarium, and St. Peter’s Basilica. The park is a fantastic place for a picnic under the shady orange trees and is a great place to explore. In the summer, it is a backdrop for occasional theatrical productions.