Paradiso Perduto

A small, artsy inn in Cannaregio, Paradiso Perduto has hosted many a great jazz musician in its 25 years.

Musical greats

With 25 years under its belt, it should be no wonder that Paradiso Perduto has had many a big name grace its small Cannaregio stage. Italian jazz master Massimo Urbani, troubadour Vinicio Capossela, and even Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards have played at this osteria and jazz club tucked away in one of the city’s northern neighborhoods.

Venetian kitchen

This little Cannaregio inn is most popular in the summer months, when guests can dine on the canal as they enjoy live music on Monday nights. The menu rotates daily depending on the availability of market-fresh ingredients. Fried fish with white polenta is a house specialty.

Artistic tradition

It’s all in the name: Paradiso Perduto. In English, it’s Paradise Lost, as in Milton’s epic poem of heaven and hell. It follows that such a place would glory in the arts. The club’s collegiate founders envisioned an old-fashioned inn where they could further the arts with weekly music, readings, and art openings.

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