Palazzo Manfredi

Once a 17th century villa, Palazzo Manfredi's suites command superb views of the Colosseum.

Historic setting

The views of the Colosseum from the Palazzo Manfredi’s suites would be reason enough to stay, but the five-star hotel’s historic roots don’t end there. This 17th century villa is mere meters away from the former site of the Ludus Magna, the barracks and training school for the Colosseum’s gladiators. Originally built for the Evangelisti family, it was later a hunting lodge for the Guidi family, and finally purchased in 2002 by Italian construction magnate Goffredo Manfredi.

High-end design

The rooms and suites are all fitted out with plush furnishings. Velvet and furs abound. Bathrooms are inspired by classic Roman baths. Throughout the hotel you’ll find touches from contemporary designers Ingo Maurer, Van Egmond, Martin Margiela, and even Philippe Starck. In the Executive Rooms, Giorgia Dennelein has selected a range of wallpapers to make each room one-of-a-kind.

Healthy living

In addition to the typical concierge and transfer services of most high-end hotels, the Palazzo Manfredi employs personal trainers in the hotel’s central mini-gym. Manfredi also partners with Rome’s top wellness centers to offer guests massages in both the Western and Eastern traditions.

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