Palatine Hill

Look over an empire from Palatine Hill, the site of Rome's founding and the favored site for imperial palaces. Today it overlooks the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Circus Maximus.

Birthplace of a City

Just in case you were prone to doze off in your high school history class, let us give you the 411 on Rome’s origins. According to legend, Palatine Hill – one of the seven surrounding the Italian capital – was where twin brothers Romulus and Remus were found and raised by a wolf. These boys went on to found the Eternal City, which bears Romulus’ name to this day.

Centuries of History

Fast forward a couple hundred years to the heyday of the Roman Republic. This neighborhood was the favored site for wealthy citizens to build their homes. Once the Roman Empire hit its stride, Palatine Hill was also the favored site for imperial palaces. In fact, the word “palace” has its roots in the name “Palatine Hill.” Today, you can still see traces of Augustus’ and Tiberius’ digs in the area.

Imperial Views

Today, Palatine Hill is as popular as it was in the ancient days for the same simple reason: its killer views of Rome. This is the most central of the city’s seven hills. Down one side, you’ll snag stellar photos of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, while from the other you’ll overlook the Circus Maximus.

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