Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

From the moment you say hello to Sandy, the life-sized model of a Gray whale, for the obligatory photograph, every minute at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History is filled with learning, wonder and a deep admiration for nature.

Cataloguing California’s biodiversity

California’s fantastic weather and oceanic influence have encouraged spectacular biodiversity in the region. The museum founded in 1883, pays homage to this fascinating diversity with a vast collection of exhibits, some of which are over a century old.  The Biodiversity Gallery and Birds of Monterey County give you a glimpse of the state’s natural wealth. Don’t forget to see their fascinating collection of over four hundred life-mounted birds including North America’s largest, the critically endangered Californian Condor.

Fantastic collection

Mounted birds, fossils, native plants, herbarium, rare Native American artifacts, – the museum has it all. The Native Plant Garden reflects the region’s flora and the annual Wildflower Show, organized each spring, displays nearly 600 species in colorful splendour. The outstanding Monarch Gallery and Geology section are not to be missed.

The museum is a wonderful place for all nature lovers and interestingly, lovers of art. Look around for several works of art scattered throughout the premises including the large jade boulder Leucothea, Spirit Nest, Wind Sculpture and more.


Handy Tip

  • The Monarch Habitat Sanctuary is pretty close to the museum. If you’re here during winter months, you’re in for a bedazzling spectacle.

Stay at home!

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